What Amusement Parks Should You Visit While You Are In Florida

One thing that Florida is known for are the amusement parks. Disney World is just one of them. If you haven’t been there in several years, you may be astounded as to how many there actually are. Many of them have been recently created, using state-of-the-art technology to create an absolutely amazing experience. If you have not been to Disney World or any amusement park in recent years, here are a few that you should check out the next time you are in Orlando.

How Many Amusement Parks Are In Orlando?

There are quite a few amusement parks and attractions that are in Orlando. This would include Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, and SeaWorld. There is also Discovery Cove, Holy Lands Experience, and a multitude of other locations. Some of the amusement parks in Florida are not actually in Orlando but are scattered throughout the state. The following theme parks of the ones that you ought to be visiting.

Theme Parks You Need To Visit

Universal Orlando is one of the top attractions in the state. It consists of three complete theme parks that you can get access to at the same time. There is the Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, and Universal Studios itself. You will get to experience outstanding things that can only be seen at this particular park which is a favorite among most tourists.

Legoland And Busch Gardens

If you have young kids, Legoland is the place to be. Located in Winter Haven, it is actually south of Orlando, close to what is called Lakeland. The other places Busch Gardens which is located in Tampa which is roughly the same distance from Legoland that Orlando actually is. Fortunately, the peninsula of Florida is not that wide and you are looking at an hours drive either way to get to these locations. If you wanted to stay at any of these amusement parks, there are always rooms available. It is recommended that you set up your trip early on, beef many of the best rooms are taken.

These are a few of the amusement parks that you may want to consider visiting when you do get to go to Florida. There is also Aquatica Orlando, Adventure Island, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you were to spend a couple months in Florida, you could never do all of these amusement parks. You should pick and choose two or three with every visit that you make. Your kids will absolutely love going to these different destinations which have so much to offer. Even as an adult, you are also going to have a good time.